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Deluxe Featherweight Kit

Get the new Featherweight Platform (TM) and Featherweight Bucket (TM) Swing covers in one kit and save! The new swings have been lightened by 35% to aid hanging.
Other innovations include:
  • Protective padding is sewn into the cover to keep therapists' shins safe.
  • The single-point-attachment design can be converted to hang from two points.
  • One frame is used with both the platform cover and the bucket cover.

The Featherweight Platform Swing's dimensions are 31" x 31" x 58" while the Bucket Swing's dimensions are 31" x 31" x 70". Both have a working load of 200 pounds.

This Product is Manufactured by Southpaw
  • SKU: 420120
  •  Vestibular Stimulation
  • $697.00